Bringing your team together for an Align conversation when everyone is remote just got a lot easier. Our discussion space walks you as the facilitator through every step of the debrief conversation. It allows members of your team to type ideas, group themes, get customized tips for them and engage in the discussion through their computer.

Here's everything you need to know

Built in agenda and flow

The discussion space walks you through four steps of sharing major takeaways, prioritizing focus areas, exploring key points and finalizing next steps.

At each step you can type in thoughts then discuss

Each section has fields that accept anonymous text comments. Every member of the team can input their thinking for all to see. No more hijacking by the loudest person, everyone gets a chance to contribute their ideas.

1. Share section

At the beginning of the conversation you should ask each person to take 1 minute and type in their #1 takeaway from the results of the exercise.

If they didn't fully read their report they can access it in the top right, to inform these top take aways.

If you hit the My Report button in the top right you'll then see your results.

Note that if you click on any of the statements you can see the team's scatterplot of responses, including how you answered the question.

2. Prioritize

Here you can select a few of the key statements to focus on for a deeper discussion. Simply click on the statements you want to focus on. Often teams focus on the lower scoring statements but hear what your team thinks is most critical to discuss and improve upon.

3. Explore

Now for the best part. You can deep dive into these key topics. We recommend you give everyone on the team 5 minutes to write their answers to all the questions that pop up.

The positive questions show up in green text, the problem areas in purple and ideas for solutions in red.

Once everyone is doing typing their input you can then group statements together. Ask all team members to do this together. Simply drag a given statement and drop it on top of another that should go in the same group. Then you can name that group and add other statements to it. This is collaborative with everyone working together

Once you have your groups pick 1-2 that are the most important. Ask the team what is needed for the team to improve at that theme. In the example above we see people want to be In the Loop on communications. Ask what is causing issues with this, and what would help solve it. You'll see ideas already in there like the red status board idea.

Drive the conversation to come to some conclusions and next steps on some of the important themes.

4. Finalize

Now you're at the last step where you can drive commitment to the next steps the team should make to get better.

Individual tips and advice

While you're facilitating team members will see custom tips and advice based on their scores to Align and their Perspective results (if they've done Perspective). These tips pop up on the right side of the screen or can be seen by clicking "My Tips" in the top right.

Some are advice on each person's personality and preferences for what they can contribute (e.g., helping introverts and extroverts manage how much they talk). While others are about specific scores the individual game (e.g., advising an outlier who thinks something is bad to share why they think that).

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