This article assumes that you already have a team that you want to add or remove teammates from, or change a team name. If you haven't yet created a team and need help with creating one, we have an article for that too.

Also, you can add teammates by inviting them to complete an Align or Perspective exercise. You'll send them the custom link that is generated when you start the exercise and as soon as they complete they'll be automatically added to the team.

However, if your team already exists and you want to add or remove members:

1) If you have more than one team, make sure you're on the dashboard of the proper team by clicking on the "Teams" tab at the top

2) Under your team name, there's a blue that says "Edit Team":

3) On this page, you can add teammates by inputting their name and email, and you can remove someone by clicking on the "Remove" button beside their name. You can also edit the team name here too.

Remember though! After someone submits an Align for a team, they're automatically added to that team, so if you remove someone this way they might still get "added back" if you invited them to complete an Align.

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