Simple tips to have a productive team conversation:

1) Use our Team Discussion Tool

  • We've created a tool that you can use live during the discussion. Check out a demo here - no need to prep a powerpoint!
  • Just click to start and it will give you a step-by-step framework for using during the discussion, and your team's results are automatically pre-populated

2) Everyone knows the goal.

  • Start by reiterating the goal for the discussion.
  • You can return to this goal to orient the conversation if things get off track.

3) Everyone contributes.

  • Tell the team that everyone’s reflections and ideas are important for the team as a whole.
  • Start and end the meeting with a go-around to hear from each person.

4) Everyone is heard.

  • Demonstrate active listening: thank people when they speak and echo back to them what you’ve heard. 
  • Record ideas on a flipchart or in a shared document.
  • Disagreement and tension can be valuable: take time to explore areas of disagreement. 

5) Everyone understands the action items.

  • Action items should be aligned with the goal of the discussion.
  • Action items should be specific and measurable.
  • The group should agree together on actions that the whole group will take.
  • Individuals should determine their own follow-up actions.

We've got a more comprehensive guide for running team conversations here.

Four deliver on drop the mic and walk out of the room like a champ.

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