We like that cheesy quote seen floating on Linkedin:
CFO says: What happens if we invest in our people and they leave?
CEO says: What happens if we don't and they stay?

But on to your real question. The short answer is that a team of up to 20 people can use all the tools for 6 months for $1500 USD. That's probably less than you pay in salary for a 1-2 hour meeting of your team, but we also offer discounts for non-profits, charities, and startups - ask us for more details.

If you have 10 or more teams from an organization we can discuss the right solution and pricing for your needs. There's usually a bulk discount on the per team price alongside one time setup costs for customizations, training and additional support. 

We have smaller deployments in the 100 team range at $50,000-100,000. Medium ones are in the 500 team range for $100,000-250,000. Finally there are larger ones of 1,000 teams or more starting at $250,0000.

Any other questions? Reach out to us!

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