This article is aimed at people who received a link from their coach or manager to make a Personal Habit. For a more general set of instructions on how to make a Personal Habit check this out.

First you'll follow the link that your coach sent you. That will take you to a registration page where you can setup an account.

Then, you'll land on the Habit builder page. You can click on any of the elements on the page to edit them.

Once you've finalized the Habits you want to take on and the wording of the reminder/surveys that will be sent out you can click Save & Continue in the top right.
Now you're ready to set the cadence at which you or your colleagues will be reminded. Once you're ready hit Launch Habits in the top right and your Habit reminders and feedback surveys will start going out to you and if desired your colleagues.

Then, at whatever frequency you've set, you (and anyone you've indicated you'd like to receive feedback from) will get an email that you can quickly complete and submit.

And remember to stick with it for real change! Practice makes perfect.

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