SHIFT offers a powerful platform that helps leadership create, cascade and track bottom-up transformations that stick. 

Many companies are running transformations, but few are succeeding

We know that 4/10 large organizations are undergoing some kind of transformation. However, 80% of those transformations fail to create lasting change.

We've seen 4 common reasons why these transformations fail.

We've built a platform that addresses these common causes of failure.

SHIFT can be a platform that helps you at every level of the transformation

We can co-design customizations of the tools for your transformation

Typical solutions involve:

  1. A change maker toolkit: enabling champions across the company to engage employees in diagnosing, discussing and resolving the priority changes needed to transform.
  2. Global Pulse tracking: monitoring where in the organization each element of the change is or isn't taking root
  3. Training program augmentation: enabling pre-training information gathering, during training action item capturing and post-training sustainment tools to drive adoption of the change.
  4. Mindset and behavior nudges: allowing individual employees to adopt the new ways of working

If you're searching for transformation help, schedule a demo with us

Just email and we can show you our transformation solutions - and while you wait check out a demo of our flagship tool, Align, along with a sample insights report.

You'll be transformed for the better in no time.

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