Sounds like you want to get to know your teammates better. Maybe build some trust and understand how to best work with one another. Good times ahead!

First ensure you have a team set up, here's advice on how to do that.

  1. On your team page, there will be an area about Perspective and understanding your team on the right hand side. Click the "invite team members" button (it will look slightly different depending on whether or not you already have teammates who've completed one).

2. This brings up two options: you can either copy and paste the invitation URL and email all your team members the link yourself, or you can have our system send the email automatically.

3. Come back to your team dashboard to check in on progress as your team members complete the exercise (people will be added to the team automatically as they complete their own Perspectives!)

4. As the results roll in, you can check out your team's Perspective Report by going to (and you can share this with anyone on your team so they can see the report as well). 

5. Explore the report (there is a ton of info in there about yourself and your teammates!), then host a great conversation to review the results together. Check out this article for more info on running the conversation.

That's it! We've found that teams love this stuff and gets teammates out of the day to day and into building stronger relationships. Check out the Perspective demo to try it out!

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