First off, if you're running a large culture transformation or leading a talent program across an enterprise email to set up a demo and phone call, as this will need customization.

For everybody else:

Get oriented to the tools

SHIFT has 5 main tools.

  1. Align: Diagnose what's holding your team back and come up with solutions to improve.
  2. Perspective: Get to know your teammates, learn about your personal preferences and find out where your team is similar or has blind spots.
  3. Team Habit: Conduct a rapid, and repeating, survey of your team to ensure you stay no track to live whatever you've committed to.
  4. Personal Habit: Remind yourself of new habits you want to adopt or get feedback from colleagues on how we'll you're doing at adopting them.
  5. Reflect 360: Compare your answers to your teammates, managers, and direct reports, and discover if you have any blindspots in your leadership capabilities.

Pick your tools based on your team's situation

Here's the first step you should take if you're in any one of these situations. 

  • New team: Run Team Perspective to get to know one another and understand how to work best together.
  • Offsite coming up: Use our offsite guide to run a half day team building session with Align Team Foundations, Team Perspective and then capture the next steps with Habit.
  • Team that's struggling: Use Align Team Foundations to highlight specific issues holding the team back. Reach out to us for coaching on how to use the results to host a great followup conversation.
  • New manager of a team: Run Team Perspective and Align Setup for Success, the Team Perspective lets you compare styles and preferences of all your reports while Setup for Success shows you what your reports care about and how well that was met by their old manager.
  • I just want to learn and improve myself: Try out our Reflect 360 tool to find out from your colleagues and supervisors where you can make improvements.

Now that you know what you want to do you can figure out how to run Align or setup Perspective. You can always jump on a quick call to get advice on the specific context for your team. Just email to setup a time.

Getting started with SHIFT is a lot easier than this...we know you can do it!

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