We all have personal goals and ways of working we wished we followed through on. Many of us promise to always pre-read before meetings or stop to listen when someone disagrees with us. Most of us fail to actually do those things.

Personal Habit helps you deliver on your commitments.

  1. Click on Myself in the top navigation bar, then click My Habit

2. Click Create New Habit
3. Create your own statements, or pick statements from the templates (each organization has access to different templates)

4. Finalize the list of statements you want to lock in as your commitment
5. Select the frequency with which you want to check in on yourself
6. Decide if you want feedback from others and at what frequency
7. Launch the Habit to start getting reminders and feedback!

Pro tips

  • Make your Habit statements as objective and observable as possible. For example "I asked at least 3 people for feedback this week" as opposed to the less specific "I get feedback from others".
  • Set reminders for yourself to be very frequent (e.g., 3-5x a week) so the topic is front of mind
  • Set no more than 3 Personal Habits at any given time. If you succeed at fully adopting one swap in a new one.

Chanel your inner Rocky and live those good habits!

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