Option A (if your clients are a part of an existing team)

If you want to give your clients a single link to follow and go directly into a Personal Habit creation setup:

  1. Click on the desired team in the top hand menu, then click the "Habit" tab in the Tools bar
  2. In the bottom right of the page you'll see a link. You can copy this link and then email it to your team. When they follow this link they'll be prompted to setup their own Habit.

Option B (if your client(s) are not a part of a team)

  1. Add them as a client (if you haven't already)

2. Click on the "My Habit" tab, then the Create Habits for clientname button (you can also create Reflect 360 or Perspective exercise for them too!)

Finally, it's important that you show your Habit skills and challenge your clients to show you what they got.

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