Your team has agreed on some set of commitments for how they want to behave differently going forward. There's a lot of excitement and you all hope these actions are the solution you've been waiting for. But there's a big risk that the momentum slows and the team doesn't push through to embed these new norms.

The Team Habit takes commitments and sends a regular survey out to all team members that serves as both a reminder and an opportunity for feedback. The purpose is to help the team actually follow through on the commitments they've made.

Setting up a Team Habit is quick and easy

There are two ways to do it:

If you're in your team's Discussion Guide, click on the "Commit" tab, and skip ahead to step #2.

Or, if you're not in the Discussion Guide,

  1. Go to your team's dashboard page and, then "Add a team Habit" at the bottom

2. Create your own statements, or pick statements from the templates or suggested habits (you can also use these for inspiration and modify them for your own use).

3. Finalize the list of statements you want to lock in as your commitment
4. Select the frequency with which you want to check in on yourselves
5. Launch the Habit to start getting reminders! You and your teammates can respond directly in the emails

6. Sit back and watch the results roll in! Then, over time, track the results to check in on improvements.

Pro tips

  • Make your Habit statements as objective and observable as possible. For example "I asked at least 3 people for feedback this week" as opposed to the less specific "I get feedback from others".
  • Set no more than 3-4 Habits at any given time. If you succeed at fully adopting one swap in a new one.

Do a celebration dance of your team's great performance.

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