What is Align?

Align is a unique tool that diagnoses team effectiveness or adoption of a new culture and provides a roadmap for improvement. Uncover the hidden, unspoken issues that are holding your team back or how the team feels about the new cultural norms... in minutes, instead of hours.
You can see a demo of it here.

Who else has done this?

We've had over 2,000 teams from more than 400 companies do Align. It is a tried and tested tool with a great track record. 

Why do people run Align?

Everyone has their own motivations but common ones are:

  • A culture change program wants to engage the whole organization to better adopt the new norms/behaviors
  • A desire to improve a team, whether they already perform well or are struggling
  • An offsite or team building activity coming up and not sure how to make it succeed
  • A desire to unearth what team members really think isn't working

Do team members like it?

This isn't another boring survey where team member input goes into a void. The exercise itself takes just 4 minutes and is fun. The results are shared with the participants and discussed in a debrief, so they feel their voice is heard.

Best of all team members are a part of the problem solving process to improve things. Everyone likes being included in solving the issues the team cares about.

What's the risk to me as the person running the exercise?

An overwhelming majority of team managers who've given us feedback think it's a good use of time. Some potential worries are:

  • It's possible that problems will come up which you don't want to talk about. But these problems are real and affecting your team already, this just brings them to the surface so you can solve them. Solving as a group is much more powerful than trying to unilaterally force a solution, or worse, pretending the problem doesn't exist.
  • It's likely that your team members will disagree about some issues. This is actually a good thing! It creates productive discussion, and when done in a positive forum you can use the disagreements to really narrow down what matters, and define improvements.
  • It's possible your team will score low on some statements and you and others may feel bad about that. Again those low scores already exist in people's minds, this brings them up in a structured way so you can resolve them and make targeted improvements.

The bottom line is that every team has some problems and this exercise may expose those in a productive and healthy way so your whole team can resolve them. 

What's the process for running Align?

It's a simple setup similar to any survey and accompanying team discussion you'd do manually.

  1. Create a team and start an Align exercise
  2. Invite your colleagues to complete the exercise
  3. Close and send everyone the results
  4. Discuss the results to agree on priorities and come up with solutions
  5. Commit to improved ways of working and track progress over time

Can I get help throughout the process?

Yes, we wouldn't leave you hanging. We also have facilitation and team effectiveness experts who can hop on a call with you to plan your use case or interpret results together. We also have in app advice and step by step guidance as well as tips and documents to prepare and run the conversation.

What's the ideal team size for Align?

4-20 people is best. You can do it with larger groups but we recommend breaking the conversation into sub-groups

How long does it take to set up the exercise?

You can set it up in under 5 minutes.

How long does it take for my teammates to complete the exercise?

Average completion time is 3-4 minutes.

Are the answers anonymous?


If the answers are anonymous why do you ask for my name and email?

We do this so we can send you the results and you can see how your answers compare to those of your colleagues.

How do I invite my colleagues?

The easiest way is to add teammates when you first create a team, and then when you start an align activity, they will be notified automatically. Alternatively, you can email your teammates the unique survey URL that is created when you click Start an Align. 

What happens after people finish filling out an Align exercise?

Each team member will receive a personalized report immediately after completing the Align activity. When enough teammates have completed, managers can use the team results to have a discussion.

How much time should I set aside for the conversation?

1.5-2 hours is ideal. We've had teams discuss Team Foundations for over 3 hours and wish they had more time! BUT we know you're busy and you can make progress on 1-2 statements in just 30 minutes.

How do I start?

Excellent question! Click here to set up Align in less than 5 minutes.

Have other questions?

Ask us directly using the chat button in the bottom right of the app or email hi@chooseshift.com. We'd love to hear from you!

Will my team think think more or less of me as their manager after doing the activity?

It can be nerve racking to get input from your team and talk about how things are going. But the team will think more highly of you for investing in them, their experience and the team's results. We guarantee the activity won't suck and they won't think it was a waste. This is the more common response manager's see.

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