This article is for people who have already started an Align exercise that has gathered enough responses that it's ready to be closed. If you need help setting up your Align, click here.

Make sure your team has a chance to read the report

Great news! Your teammates have all completed the Align exercise. At this point, you'll want to close the exercise and share the results. This is a very important step as each teammate will receive an individualized copy of the results with their own section as well as one for the overall team

  1. First step is to send them the results from Manage Align screen. Go to the team dashboard page and then click Manage.

2. On the next screen, click "Close and Share Results"
3. Edit the wording of the email if you'd like, then click the blue button at the bottom. Everyone on the team will be sent an individual copy of the results showing how their answers compared to the rest of the team's. (example here) This lets everyone explore their personal report and come into the conversation ready with great ideas and self-awareness.

If anyone needs help reading the report, we have a page for that too.

Schedule a conversation with the team, if you haven't already.
Getting the report is just the first step but the real magic, and improvement, comes when you talk about it together as a team. We recommend a 1-2 hour conversation for most teams using a template like Team Foundations, High Growth or any of our customized versions.

Prepare for the conversation.

We're all busy, so to save you time we've created an interactive Discussion Guide.
SHIFT also has powerpoint decks and facilitation experts who can review your results and give tips on running the conversation; if you're a client, you can email us to book a 30 minute slot.

Top conversation tips
Of course you didn't send us an email above, we won't take it personally or cry ourselves to sleep. Here's a couple key tips to follow:

  • Get everyone to speak in the first 5-10 minutes, then continue soliciting input from everyone over the whole conversation (did you know that the most successful decisions come when everyone in a group speaks equally?)
  • If you agree on a problem - drive the conversation towards tangible commitments and actions
  • If you disagree or are misaligned on a problem - explore the issue so everyone can understand one another's prespective, ask lots of questions to understand the other point of view 
  • Leave the last 5-10 minutes for individual reflection and ask participants to put down 1-3 Personal Habits, of changes they'll make

Conversation tips for the hardcore
So you're not so hardcore that you'll setup a phone call with us but you're willing to read the bonus this far? Check out our other help article on How to Lead Great Team Conversations.

Still not feeling prepared? Email us! We want to make sure you're feeling completely comfortable and ready.

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